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First --whitening and now tightening !

A lot has been written for and against  ' 18 again' -.a vaginal gel. Yesterday i happened to watch the ad again and was prompted  to write on it ..

Mumbai based  pharmaceutical company launched  '  18 again ' back in August .12 .

This  product is a vaginal rejuvenation and tightening gel . Targeted at  middle aged house wives with children ...

According to Ultratech India's chairperson and managing director , Rishi Bhatia , " 18 again is actually powerful feminist tool . It has power and potential to break the shackles and redefine the meaning of female empowerment altogether ."

The awkward commercial is set in an extended family household.The ad  showcasing  a voluptuous, saree clad woman  in 30's, bringing tiffin for her husband .  .

She sings ,' I feel like virgin . I feel like virgin.' -implies that 18 again has magically transformed her vagina back into a youthful teenage state .

And the man is also not a looser . He also sings with her , o yes ! it feels like first time .

The ad ends up with mother in law using internet to order some of cream for herself .  funny ! very funny! .

First it was whitening , now it is tightening .

In India where  govt feels that sex education has an  adverse effect on society ,can a tightening gel have positive effect ?? and can it empower women by '18 again??

 If we go by today's youth of 18 ,I mean really average , Being 18 means totally ignorant By and large , India however modern . unaware of the concept of marriage and sexual pleasures in married life .Where most of women even do not enjoy their first night , how exactly it is empowering to feel like virgin again ?

Leave aside sexual life and sexual pleasure we Indians prefer to remain quiet about our sexual orientation ( which might be good for our status quo). Talking about sex is taboo in our country and myth of being virgin is attached to the ideas of innocence -women will keep buying products and  the perspective will never change. Story will never change . Women will continue to arrest  herself in shackles .

what we are endorsing ? women are best and happiest when presented as virgin ? 

Happiness of marital status is not based on companionship and compatibility but on physical state of genitals ?  And still fantasy of man is having beautiful woman around with whites and tights .? 

In this era we are obsessed with our appearance, brands , designs , plastic surgeries and cosmetics now one more thing adds to our overburden trolleys
'Designer vagina '

We are shaped and whipped and cut apart to fulfill the ultimate male fantasy . What is even left for us ? Which part between makeup , bleaching , cutting  is truly  our anymore ?
Certainly not our mind  
Empowering women by turning them into pseudo vaginal gel ?

Very soon we will see the matrimonial of the type

"Female 24 , fair , slim , convent educated , obedient with tights and whites".

------No dear women ! you   don't need any tightening and whitening of vagina. 

And if your husband is only happy with it ,  is ready to risk your health and sense of self worth , then think what kind of man he is !

Rock your sex life without gel .Rock your life with your brain ..

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