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-Passionately post-graduate in gender studies .. gender non confirmist .strong belief -life is all about choices ,it cant be because of gender -construction ..Gender researcher -working with govt. nGO. corporate and funding organisations .
---" Adiem-home stay ' is a beleif that green living is not only sharing eco-awareness and eco-resources but also going beyond to inspire and promote and encourage others on green path . A greem homestay with green attitude .
-Adiem farms --born with a very strong change from 'consumption to production '( Even it is on a small scale )
A platform for experiments in organic farming waste re-cycling and water conserving to water conseroing ...open for tourist guests .

At personal note --
smart , intelligent hardworking , passionate independent very passionate about relationships .
Biological and Adopted mom who is more interested in parenting and having a family than mere passing genes.
Home schooled children's mom with a beleif that school cant teach children there should be ownership of learning ...'for evaluation;
In a alternative life style with changing roles of home-making n bread -earning professions with partner .


Girls --Which one would you choose ????

1) Once upon a time a prince fell in love with a girl .

He said ' You are very beautiful, Will you marry me ??
The girl smiled .Blushed and said "yes' 
They lived happily everafter .
she cooked for him , gave  him  a lot of love 
The strong Prince and  beautiful girl lived happily .

2) Once upon a time a prince fell in love with a girl 

Will you marry me? " He said .
she said ' No" 
And she lived happily ever after went for shopping ,dancing and drinking never cooked and looked fabulous all the time ..

3)Once upon a time a prince fell in love with a girl.

He said " you are very  intelligent ,Will you marry me ?" 

The girl was confused but
 He shared his deepest feeling 

 He encouraged her in her own career ,in her  own work and 
They lived happily ever after cooking for each other and helping each other in their own world .

Inter-dependence is indeed a higher value then independence. Dependence tames women in marriage.
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