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-Passionately post-graduate in gender studies .. gender non confirmist .strong belief -life is all about choices ,it cant be because of gender -construction ..Gender researcher -working with govt. nGO. corporate and funding organisations .
---" Adiem-home stay ' is a beleif that green living is not only sharing eco-awareness and eco-resources but also going beyond to inspire and promote and encourage others on green path . A greem homestay with green attitude .
-Adiem farms --born with a very strong change from 'consumption to production '( Even it is on a small scale )
A platform for experiments in organic farming waste re-cycling and water conserving to water conseroing ...open for tourist guests .

At personal note --
smart , intelligent hardworking , passionate independent very passionate about relationships .
Biological and Adopted mom who is more interested in parenting and having a family than mere passing genes.
Home schooled children's mom with a beleif that school cant teach children there should be ownership of learning ...'for evaluation;
In a alternative life style with changing roles of home-making n bread -earning professions with partner .


A Letter to my son .

To my son  deek  and all his male friends ,

My dear son , today I have come to you for help .  for last so many years I have been working on gender issues , I have been doing things which  was  only  in my influence ,  But today I need  your help  .
Help from  friend ,  from  Mother, and most of all    from  a  'WOMAN'
,I need   Help from you deek   as  friends , as son  and most of all  as  'MALE' and  as a ,BOY'.
Tthough I was your mother , a superwoman for you who is a multitask er , who is super fast and super independent . yes true , if this is true with me   ,  this is also true my friend that i have been always a 'SURVIVOR ' not
'BENEFICIARY like your father  .


Today as 'SURVIVOR'  I need your HELP.
I have a request to make dear son .My request is for those situations where I can not enter,
 your group of friends .
-Your night out .                                  
-your friends gossip
-your disco the ck .
-your changing room.......

I    REQUEST , I request when that when you have a conversation of  rape , molestation , abuse and call each other out on degrading behavior and then any of your friends says

" I am not responsible , she wanted it yaar .

Please Please ...  Please don't   laugh or don't ignore it .
show your disagreement PLEASE .

As a survivor I want allies who just don't   protect me from the world  , but who work to protect world a place where rape , abuse and molestation are not things i have to fear.. .

your mother .
A Woman
A survivor .

14 july 2014.

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