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-Passionately post-graduate in gender studies .. gender non confirmist .strong belief -life is all about choices ,it cant be because of gender -construction ..Gender researcher -working with govt. nGO. corporate and funding organisations .
---" Adiem-home stay ' is a beleif that green living is not only sharing eco-awareness and eco-resources but also going beyond to inspire and promote and encourage others on green path . A greem homestay with green attitude .
-Adiem farms --born with a very strong change from 'consumption to production '( Even it is on a small scale )
A platform for experiments in organic farming waste re-cycling and water conserving to water conseroing ...open for tourist guests .

At personal note --
smart , intelligent hardworking , passionate independent very passionate about relationships .
Biological and Adopted mom who is more interested in parenting and having a family than mere passing genes.
Home schooled children's mom with a beleif that school cant teach children there should be ownership of learning ...'for evaluation;
In a alternative life style with changing roles of home-making n bread -earning professions with partner .


तू माँ नहीं तो कुछ नहीं !

'I am not sure about Disha's marriage but as of now she feels that she doesnt want to reproduce a child ' I casually told to my friends one day .
'Wattttt  '????? ' they shouted ?

' Tell her to re-think before it's too late '

'Mother hood is must "

' Wats the use of woman if she is not a mom ? '
'Is she heartless ? "

All my friends .. now listen to me ... what i m saying ....

-----I know Disha   you are not heartless .You care alot for us , for friends and   for everyone around us .and hence you should not feel obligated by family and societal pressures.

' Women who decides to have children are not superior from the women who decide not to.                  .Both are choices .

I know you very well  disha  ,  You are   the  type of girl  who want to afford what you want by  yourself  not by marrying or frm husband .....and most of the time children are terribly road block in that plan .
even i experienced  road  blocking to some extend with you when you were kid . Very important days of my life went in baby sitting you and washing crayons off from the wall . How miserable i used to feel   many times  not having single minute for me .    .I had to put you ahead always than me .But then   I had patience to entertain you round the clock...But you are right ..test yourself before taking the responsibility of motherhood . you are not tokophobic .

. Parenting indeed a great joy but indeed best when entered into voluntarily .., not under compulsion .
women are far more then a baby factory 

. you should always be in environment that you feel is most comfortable in.. Motherhood may not  always be your speciality .

If you decide not to have children . you are not selfish .Rather you are opposite .you are mature to back enormous pressure and choose to  have life which is right for you ..
Believe me my daughter if you decide not to have children I will never say
'what wrong choice !'
You have every reason to feel great about yourself and your life .


#women as a mother #motherhood #motherhood as identity 

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